Frequently asked questions


Tickets can be purchased online on the airline’s website or at the airport at G-Tour’s office. For more information regarding ticket reservations at G-Tour’s office, please contact the agency at: +387 36 354 400

For international flights, it is recommended to arrive at the airport 120 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the aircraft.

Check-in for international flights opens 120 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the aircraft. The closing time of the check-in counter varies for each airline. Each airline has its own rules and defined closing time for the check-in counter. It is common for the check-in counter to close 30 to 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the airline.

Airline paper or electronic ticket; Travel document (passport with valid visas, if required for the country you are traveling to) or personal identification document (identity card).

The documents required for travel and check-in depend on the cooperation between the country whose passport you hold and the country you are traveling to. If you have a layover during your journey, inquire whether transit visas are required.

Also, you need to check the validity of your passport (some countries require that the travel document be valid for another 3 – 6 months after entry). You can find more information about the required documents and visa regimes from the selected airline or on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Yes, however, when purchasing an airline ticket, it is necessary to inform the airline of the type of assistance needed for adequate provision of that service. For detailed information, contact the airline you intend to travel with.

Minors will be accepted for the flight if they possess a valid travel document and a valid parental authorization certified by a notary. However, travel rules are not determined by Mostar Airport, but by the airline, so it is recommended to directly contact the airline you are traveling with.

Transportation of animals is allowed if not prohibited by the country to which the pets are transported and if permitted by the carrier’s regulations. When booking a ticket, it is necessary to inform your airline about it, as depending on the weight of the animal and the airline’s rules, pets will be accommodated in the passenger cabin or in the aircraft’s cargo hold.

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