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Mostar Airport was opened for civilian air traffic in 1965, exclusively for domestic flights.

In 1984, Mostar Airport was announced to be an alternative for Sarajevo International Airport during Winter Olympic Games thus gaining the status of an International Airport.

Later, this new merit positively expressed in growing interest of domestic and international carriers for Mostar Airport, taking in consideration the fact of Medjugorje, world known pilgrimage village, laying only 20 km west of Mostar, and air transportation being the fastest and most efficient way of arrival.Record number of 86.000 passengers in pre-war period, was in 1990. Factual expectations were to have an increased number of up to 100.000 passengers in 1991, but unfortunately armed conflict begun and civilian air traffic ceased with last flight operated in November 1991.

Mostar Airport was reopened for air traffic on July 07, 1998. Burned and destroyed terminal building with its infrastructure had been entirely reconstructed financed by European Union.

There is a significant interest of charter air carriers toward Mostar Airport, with its geographical location as an advantage of neighboring pilgrimage Medjugorje.

Mostar Airport is on threshold of new developing period labeled with European Union investments in modernization of its facilities and acquisition of equipment for aircraft and passengers handling. Assuredly Mostar Airport will meeting high standards of equipment and its personnel enter new millennium and play an important economic subject of this region.

Well equipped and with professionally skilled employees Mostar Airport take care of safety of security during handling aircrafts, luggage and cargo, keeping it at the highest level and in compliance with ICAO standards.

Mostar Airport is capable and equipped to handle all aircrafts up to “C” category included (maximum take-off weight 200 tons).

Fax: +387 36 350 212